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Living in Toledo might seem safe and comfortable, but the city is one of the four largest cities in the state with the highest population of drug addicts. More than 25,000 people living in Ohio sought help for substance abuse in 2010 alone, which indicates a major problem. Toledo residents have a number of options when it comes to getting help and treatment for their addictions.

Is Residential Treatment the Right Choice?

When you decide on inpatient rehabilitation, you make an agreement to live in the center for a period of time in order to get clean. Some clients check in for three days to a week, but other clients remain in the facilities for a month or longer. Before deciding on inpatient rehabilitation, you need to think about your specific situation. Can you handle living away from home for a while and taking time off your job? Getting away from your friends who may use drugs could be the best way to stop using yourself. The longer you choose to stay in the facility the greater chance of success you will have of staying sober.

Change the Way You Think

Addiction rehab teaches you to change the way you think. How many times have you woken up in the morning and immediately reached for drugs? Maybe you're in the habit of stopping at the grocery store and swinging by your dealer's house on the way home from work. Behavioral treatment helps you understand that you need to change the way you think, which will change the connection between drugs and different activities in your brain. You'll quickly learn that you don't need to use drugs to get through the day. Changing you old patterns and creating new ones is what recovery is all about.

Drugs Aren't the Answer

Drugs aren't the solution to the problems that you face, and when you use drugs as an answer, you might develop a drug addiction. Centers believe in customizing addiction treatment based on your needs. Only after thoroughly discussing your needs and hopes for the future will a decision be made on the next step of your treatment. When you want recovery from addiction, you want to get in touch with a treatment center in Toledo.

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