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Recovery programs from addiction is right around the corner, but many addicts are too afraid to reach for help or seek help on their own. Toledo ranks as one of the hottest spots in Ohio for drug trafficking because of the high amount of traffic on highways and activity at local airports, which make it easier for drug dealers to blend in. After law enforcement seized more than 51,000 kilograms of prescription drugs throughout the high traffic drug area in the state, local residents realized the problem applies to more than just illegal drugs. Instead of watching the struggling addict in your life, learn what type of help exists.

Residential Therapy Recovery Program

The doctors at drug abuse treatment centers believe that residential treatments are often the best type of treatment. When not in a treatment center, drugs and alcohol can be easily acquired, making relapse more likely. In a residential center, staff will closely monitor client's activities and ensure that they follow the program. Some programs even offer support groups that clients can work with after leaving the program.

Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis refers to the connection between mental illness and substance abuse. Some addicts have schizophrenia or another mental illness and use drugs as a way to cope with their symptoms. Other addicts develop an addiction that leads to the addict developing symptoms of depression, anxiety or another mental disease. Those suffering from a dual diagnosis must seek treatment for both their mental illness and addiction. Doctors generally recommend that clients treat the problem that came first. They can use medications to treat the mental illness and therapies to treat the addictions.

Stop Waiting

You might feel tempted to wait and let your loved one recover on his or her own. The longer you wait, the worse the addiction becomes. While you cannot physically stop someone from using drugs, you can help an addict develop the necessary recovery program. Many clients need help identifying the relapse triggers that can make them start using again. Offering various types of aftercare, that will help clients with the transition back to their lives is crucial .

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