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Don't let your fear of sobriety stop you from getting the help that you need to overcome addiction.

If you suffer from drug addiction, you are not alone. While the number of cocaine users has decreased in Ohio, the number of heroin users has increased. Lucas County, which is home to Toledo, saw three major drug confiscations performed by law enforcement over the course of two years. The city ranks as one of the four major hubs for drug trafficking in the state. You likely feel confused and maybe even frightened about your drug abuse, and you probably worry that you can never find the help that you need.

Signs of Addiction

Substance abuse facilities often look for the signs of addiction that occur in clients to determine the best course of treatment. As an addict, you likely exhibit some of the same symptoms that millions of other people have. Addicts often change their habits and behaviors. You might stop spending time with old friends in favor of other drug users, stop engaging in some of your favorite hobbies and generally change your attitude. Physical and mental symptoms can include changes to pupils, an increased heart rate and difficulty paying attention. You may have paranoia, feel like everyone is against you and put your defense mechanisms on high alert but truthfully it is only the drugs altering your mind.

Support Now and Later

Drug rehab centers Toledo don't just treat your addiction and send you on your way. The top drug rehab programs work hard to identify the underlying cause of your addiction and which treatment will work best for your addiction. This often includes therapy and aftercare that occurs in the coming weeks, months and years. You might find yourself tempted to use drugs again when you don't have a counselor standing over your shoulder. With treatment for substance abuse, you'll learn how to control your temptations and urges for the rest of your life.

Make the Call, Save Your Life

The first step toward your life of sobriety is a phone call away. Drug abuse treatment centers teach you how to get off drugs and stay off drugs long into the future. You discover how to handle stress, resist urges and make other changes that are important for your health.

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