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Alprazolam, the chemical known best by the commercial product name Xanax, is a central nervous system depressant of the benzodiazepine class. It is used by psychiatrists to treat patients who suffer from panic disorder and anxiety disorder. It works by helping suppress unnaturally high activity levels in the brain. In the process, though, the drug has two unintended side effects - the creation of euphoria and drowsiness. If abuse arises, Toledo Xanax abuse treatment centers will thoroughly treat addicts who are heavily dependent on the drug.

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The Effects of Xanax Abuse

In the short term, Xanax abuse causes drowsiness and mild euphoria; as a result, it often doesn't seem to users that the drug could be capable of much harm. With long-term exposure, though, Xanax can affect the brain in very serious ways.

Xanax abusers begin to experience several alarming symptoms over time. These can range from difficulties in focusing on everyday tasks to trouble with short-term memory. One of the most troubling effects of long-term Xanax abuse lies in the way in which the drug changes the brain's circuitry sufficiently to create false memories.

While Xanax abuse in the short term is supposed to help with anxiety and panic, it can actually aggravate these very conditions with long-term use. Abusers of the drug experience paranoia, suicidal ideation, physical pain, doubled vision, nausea, poor motor coordination and low libido levels.

It's possible to recognize Xanax abuse in a person by a number of telling symptoms. Insomnia, slurred speech, irritability, a constant dry mouth and swollen extremities are all effects that are commonly seen.

Treating Xanax Abuse or Addiction

When used over a prolonged period of time, Xanax will usually cause the brain to experience tolerance, where larger quantities of drug are needed for a given level of effect. The tolerance effect, then, makes it easy for abusers to easily slip into the trap of taking ever-higher doses, making addiction highly probable.

Quitting Xanax cold turkey can be extremely dangerous. Doctors do not recommend it for the life-threatening effects that withdrawal is capable of producing. Sudden withdrawal can result in seizures, suicidal depression, unending insomnia and extreme agitation. It's important to sign up to a qualified rehab center for Xanax withdrawal.

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