Toledo Marijuana Dependence Treatment

Toledo marijuana dependence treatment is a necessary service in the northern Ohio region. Marijuana refers to the dried leaves, buds and sticks of the cannabis sativa plant. The drug is known by many street names including weed, dope, grass, pot, Mary Jane, reefer and ganja. Hash is another form of marijuana made from the resin of the plant and is often much stronger than the dried form. Marijuana is a mild hallucinogen that causes a sleepy, dreamlike effect on the user as well as increased heart rate, shallow breathing, dry mouth and slowed reaction time. Although marijuana does not cause a physical dependence, marijuana dependence is recognized by the medical community. Approximately one in three Americans have tried marijuana, making it one of the most widely used drugs. Daily use of the drug can quickly lead to marijuana dependence.

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What is Marijuana Dependence?

Marijuana dependence is characterized by a person requiring marijuana every day in order to feel normal. An individual with marijuana dependence may also exhibit the following symptoms:

  • A high tolerance to the drug and increased use
  • Spending large amounts of time and money using marijuana
  • Withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, irritability and insomnia when trying to stop
  • Continued use even though it causes problems to the addicted person

Marijuana is one of the most readily available drugs, and it can even be grown at home using basic equipment. Approximately 9% of people who use the drug will develop marijuana dependence. Those who smoke marijuana everyday are far more likely to become addicted.

Does Marijuana Dependency Lead To Other Drug Use?

Cross addiction refers to a person with an addiction to a particular substance being at an increased risk of developing a secondary addiction. According to the National Institute On Drug Abuse, those who regularly smoke marijuana are 104 times more likely to experiment with cocaine than a person who has never used marijuana.

Treatment for marijuana dependency involves a combination of Toledo recovery programs, including cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational enhancement therapy and contingency management. 12-step programs like Narcotics Anonymous ( can also help addicted persons stop using marijuana along with family interventions and a strong support network.

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