Substance Abuse Patterns

Once a pattern of substance abuse and addiction begins, it can set a rapid downward spiral into motion that necessitates Drug Treatment and Rehab Centers Toledo intervention.

Addiction to hard drugs tends to follow a measurable pattern from casual use to substance abuse. Most individuals start their journey into the world of addiction via recreational use. Others become addicts from the very first time. When the desire to use a drugs becomes a necessity, the pattern of substance abuse is already set in motion. This is where high-risk behavior, isolation and life outside normalcy begin.

Substance abuse is a patterned use of an illegal or prescription chemical substance in such a manner that it becomes harmful to the user and or others based on the reaction to the drug. Statistics show that there are approximately 15,134 marijuana users, 6,627 people abusing prescription drugs, 2,480 cocaine addicts and 1,125 people using hallucinogens Toledo, Ohio.

How can you tell if you or a loved one has a substance abuse problem? The following is an outline that will help to identify the usual pattern of abuse.

Stage One of Substance Abuse – Voluntary Use

Experimentation drives the first time use of a drug. This usually happens in a social setting with regular and or other first time users. Voluntary use may also occur during stressful life situations such as losing a job or when a relationship falls apart. It could also happen with the taking of a pain medication. During initial exposure, the user experiences the psychoactive effects of the new drug. It is at this time that brain circuits are activated that will later determine whether this behavior will be repeated or not.

Stage Two - Recreational Use

This stage is usually triggeredwhen the desire to repeat the drug use is stimulated by a revisit to environments, situations or emotions that triggered the use in the first place. Some people have the ability to stay in this stage for a long time without much impact to their daily lives. It is, however, a critical turning point for those who later continue into an addictive lifestyle.

Stage Three – Risky Behavior

When a casual drug user's behavior move into the area of taking chances while under the influence of a chemical substance "addiction therapy" is definitely looming on the horizon. Risky behavior includes indulging in promiscuous sex, missing work or school with little or no explanation, violence toward others and stealing from family members to pay for drugs.

Stage Four – Dependence

At this stage, the individual believes that they cannot function without their drug of choice. Although the user is able to function to some degree at work and in relationships; it is just a fatade. Before long, the mask will slip and it becomes evident that the last and final stage has arrived or is fast approaching.

Stage Five – Addiction

There is no more pretenses at this stage. The user is showing physical signs of drug abuse. Jobs are lost and relationships are severely damaged. The best option now is to find a suitable Drug Rehabilitation Center.

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