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Does addiction control your thoughts, behaviors and actions? The freedom you seek is right around the corner.

Three-hundred-and-eighty-five deaths due to drunk driving occurred in Ohio in a single year, and 39 of those deaths were people under the age of 21. Founded in the 1930s in nearby Akron, Alcoholics Anonymous is one of the largest support groups in the world devoted to helping alcoholics recover. You can change the way you think and feel about alcohol. You deserve a happy future.

Identifying Alcoholism

If you feel like you've lost control of your drinking, alcohol treatment centers can be a valuable resource. If you aren't sure whether you are dependent on alcohol, check for the common signs. They might include uncontrolled shaking, racing thoughts, rapid heart rate, diarrhea or constipation. You may also be hiding your bottles and drinking habits from others. If you find that you have reoccurring periods of memory loss when you drink or that others are never as intoxicated as you when in social situations you may have alcohol dependence.

Rehab for Alcoholics

Excessive alcohol can lead to cirrhosis, liver cancer or jaundice. In alcohol rehabilitation, you can learn to find methods other than reaching for the bottle that will help you combat stress and anxiety. Alcoholic's Anonymous meetings are often a major part of the treatment of alcoholism. In this program, you'll have the opportunity to work closely with a sponsor for support. You'll also learn from other former alcoholics what a bright future holds.

Help Is Available

Treatment centers are a great solution for residents of Toledo, and neighboring communities. Doctors can offer treatment medicine that will ease withdrawal symptoms from alcohol and make you feel more relaxed. Offer medications to keep you from drinking by causing you to feel sick to your stomach when you ingest alcohol. They can find the right treatment for you.

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