The Addiction Recovery Program Toledo Has To Offer

Toledo residential drug rehab and Toledo recovery programs for drug addiction can help you

Like most of our nation's major cities, Toledo has witnessed a worrisome surge in drug trafficking, arrests, and abuse. Addiction is a disease that can affect anyone, regardless of gender, race, or economic status, and can be a difficult situation to escape without help. This is why the addiction recovery program Toledo offers is such an incredible resource to those struggling with addiction in themselves or in a family member. An addiction recovery program Toledo can help you on your journey out of drug abuse and back into the fulfilling life you remember.

If you are struggling with drug abuse, you are not alone. An incredible 267,000 Ohioans were found to be abusing or dependent upon illicit drugs as recently as 2014, with more recent data showing that the problem has only grown with an estimated 200,000 Ohioans addicted to opiates alone. Opioid drug abuse is a particular problem due to the creeping, unexpected addiction that can be caused by regular use of prescription opiates like fentanyl, hydrocodone, oxycodone, codeine, and morphine. Opiates work on the brain's natural pain and pleasure centers, reducing the sensation of pain while creating an incredibly addictive and euphoric "high."

While initially prescribed to treat health problems such as chronic pain, the addiction they often lead to can cause much more debilitating issues if addiction to the medication is developed. In fact, when the prescription is eventually discontinued, the mental and physical dependency upon the drug can lead users to resort to the stronger, even more dangerous opioid heroin. This exposes the drug user to toxic additives, criminal activity, and a drastically increased risk of overdose due to the varying strength of different batches of heroin. The slippery slope of opioid abuse is dangerous and the earlier treatment is sought out, the better. Toledo recovery programs for drug addiction are expertly trained to bring you back to health and equip you with the tools you need to fight addiction and take your life back.

The first step in an addiction recovery program Toledo offers is to provide you with a full medical examination and psychological evaluation. This is a critical step taken to determine how you have been uniquely affected by drug use and assess the best treatment options to bring you back to health. The next step is to help you through medical detox. Withdrawal due to the cessation of regular drug abuse can be brutal, with uncomfortable side effects like stomach cramps, nausea and vomiting, tremors, erratic heart rate, and in some cases seizures. However, in a medical detox center, trained medical professionals are able to administer appropriate medications to alleviate your discomfort and provide around-the-clock care and monitoring to ensure that you are safe as your body rids itself of the drug. While withdrawal from a drug will never be a pleasant experience, medical detox is a much safer alternative to withdrawing at home and eliminates the risk of relapse while you are most susceptible to temptation.

Following this, admission to either inpatient or outpatient care will be decided based upon your mental and physical health as well as your particular level of addiction. Typically, individuals will complete an inpatient program before moving on to an outpatient program. This is because of the increased likelihood of successful sobriety in an inpatient treatment program, often known as residential rehab. Toledo residential drug rehab provides a safe, caring environment that will provide you with a private room, meals, and freedom from the daily stresses and temptations that you would face if you immediately returned home.

In addition to the recovery-conducive setting, many treatment options will be available to you if you choose to come to the addiction recovery programs Toledo offers. Individual and group therapy are both available, though personal preference is taken into account in consideration of the fact that group therapy can be a challenge for some due to the very personal nature of sharing their addiction story. Education courses on addiction and relapse prevention techniques are also offered, preparing you to return to life with the unique tools you need to fight your addiction. In addition to traditional treatments, alternative or holistic programs are also offered. These can include nutrition therapy, exercise, yoga, meditation, and even art and music programs. Each individual is different, but the wide array of options allows you to find a treatment method that best helps you on your road to recovery.

After leaving a Toledo residential drug rehab, the outpatient program begins. With continued individual therapy sessions and group counseling, incredible emotional bonds are formed out of the shared fight against addiction and the ultimate goal of sobriety. This strong support network provides you with an additional resource to improve relapse prevention.

It is never too late to choose recovery. No matter how far gone you may feel, there is always hope for a brighter, sober tomorrow. The addiction recovery programs Toledo offers are a valuable resource that can and will provide you with the help you need to beat addiction. You just have to reach out.

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